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The Fathers heart

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Show Summary:

Jon is a dear friend and we plow in the same space of reentry. He's the Executive Director of New Name Ministries and has transitional, or transformational, homes in Fort Worth and Psalm 40 Ranch in Boyd, TX.

In these home and on the ranch, live are changed, recidivism is reduced to almost zero.

Pastor Jon is a graduate of Victory Bible Training School and former Graduate Peer Consultant for Supervised Community Treatment of Portland, Maine. His former volunteer activities have included being a volunteer chaplain at the Maine Correctional Center through Gideon's and long term involvement with the Sexual Violence Collaborative of Southern Maine.



Welcome to what I hope, and pray, will be a blessing to you and in turn, the lives you touch. So many of us have been on a Spiritual journey walking with a limp (some refer to it as being the "walking wounded" - crawling, even). Somewhere, somehow, we found ourselves wondering (wandering), doubting, perhaps even believing that the Creator of Heaven and Earth isn’t interested in a personal, loving and meaningful relationship. He’s gotta be way too busy, right? Indifferent? Angry that humanity (created in the image of God) keeps screwing up everything and making him look bad. Unsatisfied with superficial spirituality, we continue to seek a connection to God and others that make us feel seen and alive. A community where status quo has to go, but God has to be central to the purpose and the outcomes. A safe place to be real without fear of being rejected and where past failures can become the fuel of a future with hope.


“Never trust a man who doesn't walk with a limp” Pastor Orlando Reyes

I've struggled with rejection, or self - worth issues, since before birth (look for the podcast Before My Beginning). My hope is that by sharing my journey with others that they will be encouraged and learn, as I'am continuing to do, to rise above what the enemy would like you to believe, and learn to live in an unshakeable God given identity. If you're fortunate enough that this isn't your battle, please share this site with those who would benefit from knowing they're not alone.

I haven’t met anyone yet who hasn’t struggled at one time or another, to some degree, with their identity due to some perversion of their soul or lie they've believed. Typically, there are key life events that skew our perspectives which in turn pervert the way we were meant to see and experience God, ourselves, others and the rest of life. I haven't personally "arrived"yet, but welcome others to join me on the unshakeable identity journey. I truly look forward to celebrating each other and the goodness of God along the way.

Many find themselves perplexed and vexed over their inner turmoil; often turning to God in anger and disbelief, living frustrated and frazzled. Others, living on crumbs of encouragement, are hoping to hear from God and to be healed from the inside out. It's time to meet the unlikely friends you've been hoping for.

When we get better at life,

we help others get better, too.


Welcome to a safe place to find yourself as we visit about the Father’s heart for you. What qualifies me to lead such a significant and controversial topic? Let's just say I'm qualified by my calling, and the one who called me. Here’s a bit of information about my life and why I walk with a limp…


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