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A Voice Like The Father

There is so much I would love to share with you about my life journey and how that has contributed to

becoming the person I am today. Not because I like talking about myself so much. My heart is for others to

find hope for their own journey as I share what I discovered as I opened the gift of desperation. Hopefully,

you'll stick around long enough to hear something that helps you put the pieces together in your own life,

and the lives of others.

Please check out the podcasts, blogs and other resources and let me know your thoughts. Honorable feedback welcome.

I'd like to start shortly after I came to the end of myself and received the gift of desperation...


In 1994 I received a vision of a very familiar portion of the Bible found in John chapter 8. A woman caught in adultery had been brought to Jesus; her accusers asked Jesus, "What is your judgment of her?" Jesus stepped in front of the desperately sobbing woman separating her from her accusers. He then knelt down and drew a line in the sand. When he stood back up, he told the accusers,"Let's have the man who has never had a sinful desire throw the first stone at her." Jesus knelt down again and began writing in the sand. While writing, the woman cowered behind him, sobbing hopelessly. Suddenly, stones began to be dropped to the ground by the accusers as they all walked away oldest to youngest with conflicted consciences. Jesus, having leveled the playing field of humanities unjust condition, asked the women where her accusers were. As she looked around, she realized there was not one accuser left. Jesus, the only one actually qualified to take her life, caught her eye and told her it wasn't in his heart to condemn her, but to proclaim freedom from condemnation, and her life of sin.

I so identified with the plight of this woman and the humiliation thrust upon her by those operating in a religious and worldly spirit. We don't know the story of her life after this event. Likely, she was branded an outcast and rejected by family, friends and her community because of being caught in one of the most sociably unacceptable behaviors in her culture. Even if she if she took to heart Jesus' words of being set free and making right chooses for the rest of her life, those governed by a religious and/or worldly spirit would likely memorialize her as the women caught in adultery. She could never change her past, only her future. At once I knew I was called to minister freedom to others trapped by their worst moments and/or choices. In 1994 I had  barely begun my journey of personal restoration from my own worst choices. It would be ten more years before my gift would make way for me after moving to Texas out of obedience in 2004.


Jesus did not condone the behavior of the adulteress, but he did clarify that regardless of one's poor choices, great or small – public or private, he can rescue and set people free from the lies and traps of this world. Jesus desires restoration, not condemnation. Whichever side of the line we were or are on, Jesus is big enough to redeem us all.

Shortly after receiving the gift of desperation and deciding to surrender my hopeless life to Christ, I turned myself in for my depraved secret lifestyle. While walking through the legal consequences for my choices I graduated from Bible school and two years after finishing all my requirements for getting off supervision I was honored to  be hired as a Graduate Peer Consultant for the treatment center where I had undergone intensive weekly treatment to equip myself for living free from destructive choices. To give back, I've volunteered in many activities including; being a volunteer chaplain at a correctional center; long term involvement with the development and activation of a multi-agency community collaborative and a Board member to several state and national organizations working in criminal justice reform .


If you ask me how long I've been married..

I'll tell you "not long enough!"If you really need to know, it’s only been

29 years. We have an amazing daughter who's married to a great guy,

two crazy cool grand - kids, as well as numerous spiritual sons and


Jon and Cynthia are Certified ACTIVATE Trainers with

Prophetic Company Inc. and provide training through their online

Prophetic Insights classes and Cynthia does prophetic art classes

through her gift from God, Heartistry.

Jon's journey of standing accountable for a past he wish he could

change fuels his fire for seeing folks set free and delivered from

bondage into the blessing of a right relationship with their Heavenly


To learn more and discover the Father's heart for you, explore our

podcasts, blogs and other resources.

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