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I have known Jon Cordeiro for many years and have always been richly blessed by his creative and powerful approach to ministry.  Because of Jon’s deeply spiritual character he has always brought the Father’s Heart very close to me.  And, because of Jon’s gift of teaching, he has been a very welcome part of the guest faculty in our Faith-Based Counselor Training Institute School.  Knowing Jon’s attractive personality and his walk with our Lord, I look forward to hearing what he has to say about the Father’s Heart.

M. H. 

I have known Jon for about three years. We have worked together on a class in our church now for going on 3 years. During that time, I have found him to be a loving and compassionate minister of the gospel, with remarkable wisdom and spiritual insight. He is a faithful steward of the anointing God has put on him, and a joy to be around.

P. D. 

Jon is a REAL believer who applies his relationship with God to his everyday life and business as well not just his work in the kingdom. 

L. M. 

Jon has been more than a friend to me for 20 plus years. The lens that his eyes see through were crafted by the holy Spirit. If your life's journey has lead you to a crossroad and you seek to follow the pathway that the Father intended for you, I would encourage you to allow Jon to be your pathfinder.  The hikes that I have accompanied him on have always been an adventure and a blessing.


Me and PJ (Pastor Jon) were thrust into each others path on February 1 2017. I was fresh out of prison for drugs and other tom foolery when God made sure that I was sent to Fort Worth Texas to start my new life. PJ always treats me like a son and also a friend. A lot of people ask me why he's the only man I'll actually hug that's not a relative, and just tell them the truth, "when you put a roof over my head and food in my stomach, that's when I'll hug you!!!", That's what PJ did for me along with God's help. He's a mentor, a friend, a brother, and a dad.....


PJ, was there for me at THE MOST horrible time in my whole life. That's another story, but for now I'll just say that he is, without a doubt, a lifeline I've been holding on to for a while now, and I could never repay what's been done for me. 



If anyone knows me, they know I'm not a mushy person, this is literally a true testimony of the way Jon Cordeiro has impacted my life......but there's way more..🙏

E. W. 

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